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About Captain Kris

Captain Kris Winkel was raised in Bradenton, Florida. Before he could even swim, Captain Kris was boating and fishing. Pursuing his passion, Capt Kris has spent countless days and nights fishing these waters. He fishes the waters surrounding Tampa Bay, Bradenton, and Sarasota.

Captain Kris fishes all through the year. When he is not charter fishing or just fishing for himself, he also makes a living commercial fishing for Ladyfish, Jack Crevalle, Sheepshead, and Mullet during the Fall run. In fact, fishing for Mullet is a huge passion for Kris, from catching them on the flats to chasing them to the passes and out to the gulf! 

A Fishing Captain, and a Teacher

Captain Kris enjoys fishing with people from all walks of life, from children to seniors, and takes great pleasure in teaching people that have never picked up a pole to love fishing. He likes to share his knowledge and experience with people and has even been know to reveal spots that can produce good fishing over and over again to his clients.

From the time people get on the boat to the end of the charter, Capt Kris works hard to generate lasting memories and enjoys the sense of accomplishment he gets from seeing the smiles on his clients’ faces.

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