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Grouper are available year round. “Gag” Grouper is found around ledges and structure, but offshore is where you find “Red” and “Black” Grouper.

This is my most second favorite fish. We catch them near the same area as Tarpon but I have a technique to catching grouper with just hook – no weight” – and line. I bait them to the surface and the rest is up to you. I’ll have to say your haven’t seen a real hungry Grouper if you thing that they are only on the bottom.

How about hooking a “Goliath Grouper?” The ingredients to do this are: hook, rope, boat cleat, mackerel or jack, and don’t forget the gloves, or if you prefer, we can just let the boat do the work.

Grouper is great table fare and just about everyone enjoys the famous Grouper sandwich.

So give it a try, for excellent Grouper fishing contact Tailing Tales and Captain Kris, and to round the day off we can always throw a line to catch other species too.

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