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Tarpon are probably my most favorite fish of all to target. From the bridge, to the Flats, to the beach and anywhere in between these fish will let you know when they take the bait. When you hook a Tarpon there won’t be a tap or a tug on the line. It will be all out, there is no time for sandbagging, this is the real deal! You will be wondering what in the world just happened and you’ll be having the adventure of your life. These fish go from 10 lbs up to 200 lbs. and they do not play around.

The best time to fish for Tarpon is from mid-March to November. Join me for a fishing excursion if you think you can handle it and we can put the fish in the boat. Take photos, scale if you want and revive the Tarpon for their next battle.

Tarpon are truly hands down pound for pound an awesome fish.

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